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Sunday, February 10 Farley, Betcherman Win at Nationals
Although the 2002 Nationals had trouble getting started, they ended with some of the most exciting and difficult racing of the week. In the women's event, it was Tasha Betcherman who claimed her second national title of the week by winning the 15km... [
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Saturday, February 9 Newell 8th in U-23 Sprint
Andrew Newell was the top North American today in the Unofficial Under-23 World Championships in Val di Fiemme, Italy. Newell qualified with the 6th fastest time of the day, and dropped slightly in the heats to finish 8th, last in the B-final. Newell made waves by wearing only his bib, with no racing suit top underneath... [
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Saturday, February 9 Belmondo Wins Opening Olympic Gold
Italy's Stefania Belmondo won the first gold medal of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games today, in a sprint win over Russian Larissa Lazutina of Russia. Belmondo and Lazutina distanced themselves from a large pack on the final climb of the challenging 2x7.5km course and entered the stadium with room to spare... [
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Saturday, February 9 Muehlegg Destroys Field in Olympic 30k
Johann Muehlegg of Spain proved that his win in last years Soldier Hollow World Cup was no fluke, leading the whole race in today's Olympic 30km mass-start skate and winning by over two minutes. Prerace favorite Per Elofsson of Sweden made an attempt to go with Muehlegg on the first of 4 7.5km loops, but... [
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Friday, February 8 Russian Caught for EPO Use
Russian cross-country skier Natania Baranova-Masolkina has reportedly tested positive for the use of EPO. Tests in Oslo, later confirmed in Switzerland, confirmed the 26 year old Russian as a cheater ... [
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Thursday, February 7 Grey 12th at OPA Under 23 Championships
George Grey led the North American charge today at the OPA (Organization of Alpine Countries) Under 23 Championships. After finishing 11th in the morning 7.5km classic race, he skied strongly in the afternoon 7.5km skate pursuit to finish in 12th position. Grey finished 1 minute, 14.8 seconds behind... [
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Wednesday, February 6 Gord's Ski Newsletter - Vol.4, No.5 - By: Gord Jewett
The last week has been action packed! I have flown for 9.5 hours, driven for 18 hours, been in 6 countries and raced twice. This has all added up and the last few days have been among the most tired of my life. At times like this I have to be very cautious not to get sick, so I am making sure I have a nap every day and sleep at least 9 hours at night. Despite this heavy sleeping plan... [
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Monday, February 4 Alberta Cup Championships
The Alberta Cup Championships were held this past weekend in Edmonton at Goldstick and Goldbar parks. Snow coverage was minimal, but the trails were well prepared and rock-free. After a half hour delay due to a light outage, Friday night's free technique race ran smoothly in fast conditions. CERAX Pro2 was a popular choice for the always important race wax... [
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Monday, February 4 McKeever wins another World Cup
Brian McKEEVER of Calgary placed first in the blind 10 km cross country classic race at the World Cup Disabled race in Sillian Austria. Frank HöFLE of Germany was second 12.7 seconds behind McKEEVER. Emil OSTBERG of Sweden was third. McKEEVER is currently in first place in the overall World Cup... [
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Monday, February 4 Wadsworth Wins in Sun Valley
The Norwegian medal hopeful cross-country skier Tor Arne Hetland only managed 3rd in a 32k mass start event in Sun Valley this weekend. Hetland was beaten by the US' Justin Wadsworth and Carl Swensson in a sprint, both Americans capable of placing top 10 in the Olympics... [
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Sunday, February 3 Lots of Questions Asked in Smigun Matter
The Smigun doping matter certainly has its controversial points. FIS tested Smigun in Brusson on Dec.12th 2001, while the Estonian Ski Association received the results Jan. 23rd 2002, 6 weeks later... [
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Sunday, February 3 Gord's Ski Newsletter, Vol.4, No.4: Swiss Racing - By: Gord Jewett
The 2001-2002 racing season has definitely had it's ups and downs so far, with most of the downs being a result of not having any snow. Our first blow came in December, when five continental cup races were cancelled in Thunder Bay and Telemark, WI because eastern Canada had barely seen a flake of snow. Canmore finally got a big snowfall... [
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Sunday, February 3 European OPA Tour Report - By: Dan Roycroft
Our trip began with a flight from Calgary to Frankfurt. It was 9.5hrs but felt quite short. It was nice flying over Greenland, looking down over the barren expanse lit only by the full moon and by the little clusters of light coming from isolated communities. We were supposed to sleep as much as we could but with my seat failing to recline and then having to find a spot on the floor between rows of seats, I was lucky to get 2 hrs of actual sleep... [
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Sunday, February 3 Roycroft 2nd at Swiss Cup
Dan Roycroft, Chris Jeffries and Gordon Jewett made a quick trip over to Switzerland from Italy this weekend, to race in a Swiss Cup race. They are in Italy as part of the Canadian B-tour scheduled to race in OPA continental cup races over the next... [
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Sunday, February 3 McKeever wins World Cup in Sillian, Austria
Brian McKEEVER of Calgary, guided by his brother Robin, placed first in the blind 5 km race at the World Cup Disabled race in Sillian Austria. Valeri KOUPTCHINSKI of Russia was 2nd and Frank HOFLE of Germany was third. McKEEVER's... [
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