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Haywood Securities Thursday, June 29 Haywood NST Report: The Importance of Recovery - By: Devon Kershaw
Sitting by Quarry Lake today letting the wind blow through my freshly cut hair I realized something profound. I was training right then and there, and improving just by lounging in the sun. Why? Because proper recovery is often over looked, yet it is such an imperative part of an athlete or employee’s development... [
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Jeff Ellis Headshot Wednesday, June 28 INDi2010 Racing Team Update: I am an X-C Ski Racer - By: Jeff Ellis
Hi, my name is Jeff Ellis and I am an x-country ski racer. Wow! That feels good to say. I think I now might know what it must be like to speak up at an AA meeting. What a relief to be able to finally say that I am a skier, and not just a skier but an x-country skier. How does one come to such a conclusion... [
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Rhonda Sandau qualifying for the Silver Star Night Sprints Thursday, June 22 INDi2010 Racing Team Update: Full Swing - By: Rhonda Sandau
It is almost July and our dryland training season is in full swing. After dusting off my roller skis, digging through my closet to find my training shorts and oiling my bike chain, I am now in a comfortable routine of summer training. For the past few years I have spent the spring... [
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Wednesday, June 21 IOC Set to Pick 2014 Host Finalists - By: Stephen Wilson, Slam Sports
A year before the final vote, the race for the 2014 Winter Olympics is about to get serious... [
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Wednesday, June 21 Almost $300,000 to go to Coaching Programs - By: James Christie, Globe & Mail
After 25 years of sport shrivelling, neglected on the back burner, Ontario made a step toward restoring sport at the grassroots level with a grant of almost $300,000 yesterday to the Coaches Association of Ontario for outreach and coaching education programs... [
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Tuesday, June 13 CCC Caps off Successful Season with Annual Awards
In a season that saw the national cross-country team record unprecedented success on the World Cup circuit, two men, Rob Bernhardt and Rob Hogg, were feted for their tireless efforts and successful delivery of the first World Cup races held on Canadian snow in more than decade... [
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Mark Doble in the 10km classic at the 2006 Canadian Championships Tuesday, June 13 INDi2010 Racing Team Update: New Kid on the Block - By: Mark Doble
As a new member to the INDi2010 team I am looking foreword to the possibilities and opportunities of the upcoming training and racing season. Being the youngest on the team and training with a new group of experienced athletes, all of whom I have a great deal to learn from, will be an asset that I would be mistaken to not take advantage of... [
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coda_sm.gif Wednesday, June 7 Bob Nicolay Name CODA President and CEO
Bob Nicolay, whose progressive business career has progressed through both the private and public sectors across Alberta, has been named president and chief executive officer of CODA, the national sport body announced on Tuesday... [
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The whole gang at the 2006 Giant Strides Camp Tuesday, June 6 INDi2010 Racing Team Update: Thunder Bay NTDC Training Camp - 5 stars - By: Karla Mika
The week began with the hour long drive from Thunder Bay out to Sibley (Sleeping Giant) Provincial Park where we used the park staff residences for our home base. We saw a ton of wildlife on the way out there as the deer, bear and foxes came out on the road to greet us. Following coach Eric Bailey’s lead in the NTDC team van... [
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The team chase Eric at their training camp in Lake Tahoe Saturday, June 3 Photo of the Week
Photo of the Week - Taken in Truckee, California where the National team is attending thier first camp of the year, skiing at the Auburn Ski Club.... [
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Beckie Scott headshot Thursday, June 1 Beckie Scott Strides into St.John's to Help Grow XC in Newfoundland
Canadian cross-country ski legend Beckie Scott, an Olympic gold and silver medallist, and icon for fair play in sport, will bring her infectious smile and can-do ethic to the greater St. John's region... [
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