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US Ski Team Logo Thursday, September 29 US Team Focuses on Intensity in Lake Placid
U.S. cross country athletes are winding down a training camp designed to take advantage of closer-to-sea level elevation while they cranked up the intensity... [
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Exel Racing Team Logo Tuesday, September 27 Exel Racing Team Update: On the Road Again - By: Adam Kates
When I decided to move home from Canmore, Alberta to Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario this summer I figured that I would be spending most of my summer and fall in my Northern Ontario hometown. Little did I know that from June until October I would not spend more than two weeks straight in any given place... [
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Magi takes in the last few days of peace before the racing begins this weekend. Monday, September 26 Run Down Under: The Post Race Wrap - By: Magi Scallion
I am sitting here at the internet cafe with a bizarre burning that extends down the front of my legs from the hips to the knees.  A similar burning tingling sensation is also making my calves twitch... [
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The Canadian team takes in the spectacular coast line. Saturday, September 24 Run Down Under: The Countdown Begins - By: Magi Scallion
The past couple days have been spent preparing for the great adventure: yesterday was the opening ceremonies parade of nations in downtown Wellington.  It was brief and quite humourous... [
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Magi learns the ropes of driving on the left side of the road. Thursday, September 22 Run Down Under: Adventure to the Coast - By: Magi Scallion
It's been another day of firsts in New Zealand… Monday was the first time I thought I broke my hand, Tuesday was Sabrina's first day in town and my first dinner in an authentic New Zealand home... [
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Haywood Securities Thursday, September 22 Haywood National Team Report: Nutrition - Attitude is Everything - By: Chandra Crawford
Another fantastic week on the Haig glacier has come and gone, and team's 2010 and 2014 got a serious blast of winter weather which made for the best tracks that I've ever experienced up there... [
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Wednesday, September 21 Run Down Under: Beware the White Pole - By: Magi Scallion
Sabrina finally arrived on Monday afternoon.  It was GREAT to see her again - we are the youngest members of the Canadian team (although I think we are all about the same maturity level).  I was just excited to have my super... [
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Torin Koos Wednesday, September 21 US Skier Koos Pursues Masters at Westminster - By: USSA
While schools are reopening across the nation and tens of millions of students are heading back to class, US Olympic skier Torin Koos (Leavenworth, WA) is taking a break from his graduate... [
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Exel Racing Team Logo Tuesday, September 20 Exel Racing Team Update: The Delicate Balance - By: Tara Whitten
After only three training swims, I was a little nervous lining up beside some serious-looking women in sleek wetsuits for my first triathlon since my kids-of-steel days. My apprehension was soon washed away... [
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Monday, September 19 Run Down Under: Hello from New Zealand! - By: Magi Scallion
The first day was a pretty miserable welcome to such a beautiful country - pouring rain and high winds in Wellington. Even my flight across the North Island (from Aukland to Wellington) was boring because... [
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Exel Racing Team Logo Wednesday, September 14 Exel Racing Team Update: Back to School - By: Rhonda Sandau
For most teenagers, there are lots of life changing decisions that have to be made after High School graduation. The biggest and most obvious decision usually surrounds choosing a career path... [
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Haywood Securities Wednesday, September 14 Haywood National Team Report: Injured but Still Fighting - By: Madeleine Williams
Sometimes in the life of an elite athlete there are speed bumps.  For the past fifteen months, I have been plagued with a chronic IT band problem.  I was able to race the past season because of a needling technique... [
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Monday, September 12 Western Canadian Roller Ski Championships
The Wester Canadian Championships will take place over two days this year on October 8th-9th... [
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x-ccom.gif Sunday, September 11 Now Online!
This is an invitation to all outdoor and nordic enthusiasts to visit the new and improved website... [
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Exel Racing Team Logo Tuesday, September 6 Exel Racing Team Update: Humble Pie Tastes Great! - By: Jeff Ellis
Who am I kidding, Humble Pie never tastes great. We all know that humble pie tastes awful and that the taste can last for days after a particularly bad helping is served. However, it is the lessons learned from the experience... [
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Alex Nilsson Roller Skiing Canada - in Ontario Tuesday, September 6 Rollerskiing Canada Day 68: 3280 miles / 5278 km covere - By:
Roads are baaad but can't turn back! Very few pullouts so I parked at the Saphire - Spur motel at Warren. I asked if was ok to be here for a couple hours. The manager, a retired trucker, was very accomodating. A few retirees were sitting having coffee and cigarettes and shooting the breeze - nice little community... [
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Cross Country Alberta Logo Monday, September 5 Cross Country Alberta Haig Camp - By: Mike Neary
Cross Country Alberta was fortunate to have another good week of skiing for the August 22-29 Haig Glacier Camp.  After a shaky start to the week with fog, cloud and 30 + centimeters of snow all in the first 2 days, the weather turned incredible... [
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