LatestNews Archive - August, 2005

Exel Racing Team Logo Wednesday, August 31 Exel Racing Team Update: Snow, Sun, Hardwax and Control - By: Gordon Jewett
Unpredictable mountain weather is the bane of every athlete who ever walks out the door to train in Canmore. Warm sunny days can turn to rain, and then snow, in far less time than it takes to seek shelter. Of course, this also makes the decision... [
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Quebec Team in Finland's Ski Tunnel, August 2005 Tuesday, August 30 Quebec Team in Finland: First Week - By: Marita Cockburn, Virginia Lehoux-Gagnon and Maryse
At the end of an entire day on a plane, and 30 hours without sleep, we arrived in Vuokatti at 21:30 local time.  We have no reason to feel out of place, what with the hospitality of our fellow Finns and the fauna... [
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French skier Gregoire Lebel leads the 2005 Kangaroo Hoppet at Falls Creek in Australia Monday, August 29 Australians Dominate 2005 Kangaroo Hoppet
The fifteenth Kangaroo Hoppet, Australia's international ski marathon, was held today in Falls Creek in north-east Victoria. Australia's Ben Sim became the first ever junior skier to win the 42km Freestyle event, ahead of Raul Olle from Estonia... [
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Alex Nilsson Roller Skiing Across Canada Monday, August 29 Rollerskiing Canada Day 61: 2460 miles / 4176 km covered - By:
Iron Bridge, Ontario: As Alex was rolling along in Thessalom, a lady stopped him and gave him 10 dollars. Her name is Janet Hoyle. Then the day moved on and a black government truck whipped around to Alex. Two people got out and waited for him to... [
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Exel Racing Team Logo Tuesday, August 23 Exel Racing Team Update: The Athlete Professional - By: Kara Mika
The Athlete Professional despite sounding similar, should not be mistaken for the professional athlete. These athletes are rarely seen in elite circles and are often found training in the dead of night... [
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Fischer Logo Monday, August 22 Fischer Joins INDi2010 Program
The Independent Nordic Development Initiative for 2010 is proud to announce their new partnership with Fischer Skis. Fischer has signed on to be the official ski sponsor of the newly formed Exel Racing Team... [
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collettebourgonje_ski.jpg Saturday, August 20 Canadian Disabled Team Update: Adventures in New Zealand
Well, after a very looong flight, or series of flights, the Snow Farm finally came into view. The huge amounts of snow evident last year are scarce this year. You can see the fences... [
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Exel Racing Team Logo Wednesday, August 17 Exel Racing Team Update: Back From The Brink of Broken Dreams - By: Adam Kates
When I was told in late April that I had not been renamed to the National Ski Team I figured that there was a good chance that my days as a competitive skier had come to an end. I assumed that without proper funding... [
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Haywood Securities Wednesday, August 17 Haywood National Team Report: Rest and Recovery - By: Beckie Scott
Greetings everyone at Haywood from the sunny snow-covered slopes of New Zealand!  We have been here for just over 2 weeks now and have but a few days left of skiing and training down under before we pack our bags for home... [
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Exel Racing Team Logo Tuesday, August 9 Exel Racing Team Update: The Edmonton Perspective - By: Tara Whitten
Wow - it has been a crazy spring and summer! I feel very lucky to be involved with the new Exel Racing Team; since our very first meeting I could tell that we had a great combination of energy, ambition and determination... [
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70yr old Alex Nilsson roller skiing up a BC pass on his way across Canada Monday, August 8 Why is a 70-Year-Old Swede Roller Skiing Across The Entire Country of Canada? - By: Nick Nilsson
Starting on June 25th, 2005, from Victoria, B.C., Canada, Alex began his roller skiing trek across the country.  After going up and down all the many steep mountain passes of British Columbia, in three weeks, Alex is already into Saskatchewan... [
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Smoke in Canmore, Summer 2003 Monday, August 8 Spend a moment to make a difference - By: Bjorn Taylor
Local Canmore athletes, please lend your support and a moment of your time to solicit support for a couple of Nordic advocacy issues... [
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US Ski Team Logo Wednesday, August 3 US Team's NZ Camp: Good Snow, Great Training
For the fourth consecutive preseason, U.S. cross country skiers have gone Down Under - to New Zealand - to train at the Snow Farm outside Wanaka on South Island. And for the fourth straight preseason... [
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Exel Racing Team Logo Tuesday, August 2 Exel Racing Team Update: Our First Camp - By: Rhonda Sandau
There is no better way to inaugurate a new ski team than with a summer training camp! After spending the spring training solo in our respective hometowns, members of the newly formed Exel Racing Team... [
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