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Nutrition Photo Tuesday, May 31 Nutritional Principles to Live By - By: Donald Christie Jr., MD
Get most of your fuel from real food, i.e., whole foods, unprocessed foods. Commercial snacks & meal replacements (e.g., Balance Bars, Nitro-Tech Bars, Met-Rx, Slim Fast) are convenient & safe substitutes for real food, but may lack... [
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skifaster Sunday, May 29 Photo Contest is pleased to announce our first photo contest! We're looking for photo submissions that have anything to do with cross country skiing or training. Every two weeks we'll pick a winner... [
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Chris and Gord after getting shelled by Mike Saturday, May 28 Ride Report: All 833km done! - By: Gordon Jewett
The few people that have been following my Ride Reports are probably wondering why no report appeared yesterday. Call it extreme fatigue, lack of editorial dedication, or just laziness (photos coming soon!)... [
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Gord eating a Banana on the top of Rogers Pass on Day 3 Thursday, May 26 Ride Report: 668km down, 161km to go - By: Gordon Jewett
This is going to be a short one, because energy levels are just about rock bottom right now, and focusing is a chore. 668km in 3 days of riding has definitely taken it's toll on me... [
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Gord resets the official trip computer for day 2 Wednesday, May 25 Ride Report: 445km down, 381km to go - By: Gordon Jewett
One thing was painfully clear today. is not alway right. They claimed today's ride would be 219km, but it was actually almost 227km. Although an error of only 8km, it was an error that my legs were very vocal about... [
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Gord trying to look calm and rested for the cameras Tuesday, May 24 Ride Report: 218km down, 600 to go - By: Gordon Jewett
Well, we're over a quarter of the way, and my legs are definitely over a quarter of the way through their shelf life. Although today was 3km shy of our longest day, it was certainly our hardest day (Photos Included)... [
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Monday, May 23 Alcohol and Athletes - By: Middlebury College
Even Moderate Alcohol Use Can Have An Impact On Athletic Performance. Current research indicates that the impact of even moderate alcohol use on athletic performance is much more significant than was originally known... [
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Monday, May 23 Ride Report: Setting Out - By: Gordon Jewett
We arrived late last night in time to grab some burgers and climb into bed to the sweet sounds of the dirty pub and cold beer and wine store located directly below our rooms at the Shoestring... [
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Ex-junior national team skier and local Soo hero Brady Dunne takes a breather on the top of Mt Hector Sunday, May 22 Photo Gallery: Backcountry skiing on Mt Hector - By: Drew Goldsack
Earlier this spring Drew Goldsack, Brady Dunne and Glenn Crawford skied to the summit of 11,135ft Mt Hector in the Canadian Rockies, one of the longest ski ascents in the range... [
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Gordon Jewett Headshot Sunday, May 22 Ride Report: Calm before the storm - By: Gordon Jewett
As April rolls into May most of the ski world rolls out onto the trails and roads to begin training for the winter that is many hot, hard and lonely days away... [
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johannmuehlegg.jpg Saturday, May 21 Why the Silence? Athletes Need to Speak Out About Sports Doping - By: Ryan Quinn
Itís common for sports commentators to break down important stats or concepts for the audience. Such as Adam Vinatieriís field goal percentage from 34 yards into a headwind when itís snowing during an afternoon away game... [
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Perianne Jones and Chanrda Crawford Friday, May 20 Haywood National Team Report: Goal Setting - By: Chandra Crawford
Happy New Year to cross-country ski racing enthusiasts everywhere! As the trees are starting to bud here in Canmore, so too are the athletes. We are emerging from the freedom of a month off... [
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Phil Widmer gets a tan on one of the hot days. Sunday, May 15 Mt Assiniboine Camp Pictures - By: Dan Roycroft
This past week, the NST enjoyed their annual Mt Assiniboine training camp thanks to the hospitality of the Renner family. The week long camp was the first on-snow opportunity for the team heading into the new training year.... [
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US Ski Team Logo Saturday, May 14 All Men's National Team for the USA
The US announced their 2006 National Ski Team with 5 veteran members and no women. ... [
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CCC Logo Saturday, May 14 Canada Announces National Teams
Canada has announced this year's members of the National Ski Team. The team includes a broad spectrum of athletes from those qualified for the 2006 Olympics/Paralympics along with athletes focused on 2010, 2014 and beyond.... [
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