LatestNews Archive - September, 2001

Sunday, September 30 Western Canadian Roller Ski Championship Results
Today was the Western Canadian Roller Ski Champhionships in Canmore, AB. The 7.5km point-to-point course climbed through most of it's distance finishing about 150m higher than it started. Competitors were free to us any wheels, however National Team and Training Centre athletes used Elpex F1 roller skis with standard black wheels... [
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Sunday, September 30 NUTRITION FOR EXERCISE RECOVERY - GRAPES, Not simply the fruit - By: Kelly Anne Erdman
When it comes to nutrition for exercise recovery there's only one thing you need to remember and that is GRAPES. GRAPES represents dietary components you need to ensure you have done your best with your nutrition for optimal exercise recovery. Let's take a closer look... [
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Saturday, September 29 NSDT Update: A Little Insight Into Mono - By: Erik Carleton
Infectious Mononucleosis, or mono, as it is commonly known, is a dreaded condition for any serious athlete. Many skiers around Canmore have contracted mono in the last few years, but it seems like every case is different. The variation in the intensity of symptoms... [
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Thursday, September 27 Junior National Team Update - By: Jacqui Benson
With the ski season rapidly approaching, the word around the Canmore Nordic Center has been the race at the end of the month. Ya, that's right, the Western Canadian Championships are being held on September 30th... [
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Thursday, September 27 What is XC Ottawa? - By: Karl Saidla
Over the spring and summer, much effort was given to establish an exciting new elite-level nordic racing team based in the Ottawa area, named... [
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Wednesday, September 26 Podium 2010: International Performance Curve and Program Monitoring - By: Anton Scheier
The variables of snow conditions and terrain in cross country ski races make the establishment of time standards for different age groups (such as occurs in track and swimming) impossible to determine. To overcome this problem and to provide athletes with a fairly objective measure of how their performance relates to their national and international... [
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Wednesday, September 26 Podium 2010 Pre-Workshop Feedback Form - By: Anton Scheier
The Podium 2010 Athlete Development Planning Workshop is designed to identify areas at the national, divisional and club level where we can make the most significant improvements for future international performance. The aim is to identify practical and concrete changes... [
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Wednesday, September 26 Eastern Canadian Roller Ski Championships Results
Results from the 2001 Eastern Canadian Roller Ski Championships... [
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Tuesday, September 25 Phil's XC Journal #8 - By: Phil Villeneuve
Yes I'm still alive! Sorry for the delay of this entry but my throat has been suffering from a viral attack and so my mind wasn't exactly focused on writing. Now that things are back in order and my training regiment is once again back on track I'm ready to put my grey matter to work... [
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Tuesday, September 25 Thunder Bay Roller Ski Time Trial Results - By: Jonne Kahkonen
Results from a 13km classic time trial. Double pole and kick-double pole only... [
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Tuesday, September 25 NSDT 3000m Running Results
Today was 3000m testing day for the Canadian National Senior Development Team in Canmore... [
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Monday, September 24 NSDT Update: "The Kyosh" - By: Mike Argue
"Kybosh"...a word that has become synonymous with some members of our team. For those of you who are not familiar with this word, as I wasn't before returning to Canmore this summer, the "kybosh" is what happens to an athlete who is forced to miss a training session or training sessions due to fatigue... [
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Sunday, September 23 Melissa's 10km Road Race Results
Drew Goldsack of the National Senior Development Team showed his great form over the weekend inthe Melissa's 10km Road Race... [
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Saturday, September 22 Press Release is excited to announce the formation of the Racing Team, an exciting and new elite cross-country skiing racing team. Partnering with Exel/Peltonen as the primary equipment suppliers, the Racing Team will be a highlight... [
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Saturday, September 22 NSDT Update: Automatic - By: Tara Whitten
Yesterday morning I woke up to rain and grey skies, but as the clouds cleared a little they revealed snow-covered peaks everywhere I looked. It was quite a sight, and a sure sign that fall is here and that the ski season is just around the corner. Yellow leaves and cool temperatures confirmed my suspicion... [
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Friday, September 21 Chris Jeffries Sets Speed Golf Record
Christopher Jeffries of the Canadian National Ski Team broke his previously set speed golf record...[... [
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Friday, September 21 Canadian Olympic Preparation - By: Dave Wood
The Olympic journey began last January after the Pre-Olympic events at Soldier Hollow. Canadian skiers had an incredible week of competition that gave Beckie Scott her first individual podium, the women's relay team... [
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Tuesday, September 18 XC Zone - High Velocity
"High Velocity packs an adrenaline primed movie on biathlon and cross-country skiing, a smart instructional video, and the comprehensive encyclopedia Tao of Skiing, into one eXCiting high quality product."... [
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Sunday, September 16 Junior National Team Update - By: Madeleine Williams
This is the time of year that life as a member of the Junior team really gets interesting. Many team members are heading back to school, and as such, the focus of our lives shifts from being mainly a skiing focus to being a combined school and skiing focus... [
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Saturday, September 15 Adivsory note regarding the use of dietary supplements
This Advisory Note is part of an ongoing series to inform Canadian athletes, coaches, medical and paramedical staff and sport governing bodies on the use of non-pharmaceutical products including herbal preparations, nutritional products and other dietary supplements... [
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Friday, September 14 NSDT Update: Roller Ski Tips - By: Charles Nadeau
Already september, on the peaks around Canmore, some white spots remind us of the cold winter days. Only two months before the next racing season. For the majority of the athletes, the high volume weeks are already way behind. By the way, the next training cycle will be oriented towards... [
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Friday, September 14 Banff Mountain Ekiden Run
Team 2006/NSDT dominated the Banff Mountain Ekiden Relay again this year. While this is a fun event for most of the runners we have always used it as a chance to put in a bid for the win and go hard... [
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Saturday, September 8 National Junior Team Update - By: Andrew Leoni
Training with the team has gone really well for me this summer. I've had to overcome a few problems as usual, (a broken metatarsal in June and some food poisoning recently) but nothing serious enough to really change things. We got back from a dryland camp in Rossland a few days ago... [
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Thursday, September 6 NSDT Dryland Camp Schedule
Camp schedule for the Sept 4th to 10th dryland camp in Kimberley, BC... [
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Thursday, September 6 Phil's XC Journal #7 - By: Phil Villeneuve
Wow, it's already September! Time flies when the training is going well. The end of the Labor Day long weekend sounds off that big'ol buzzer that tells all the kids to go back to school and the tourists to head back home so that Canmore... [
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Monday, September 3 Antioxidants for Athletes - By: John Berardi
We all are aware that athletes often have better health than sedentary individuals. However, when training volume and intensity are increased, the cells of the body are at greater risk for the harmful damage produced by free radicals. Studies have shown that both strength... [
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Saturday, September 1 NSDT Athlete Update - Altitude Training, The First Year - By: Dan Roycroft
In his first installment of Training at Altitude, newcomer Dan Roycroft gives an athletes perspective on training in Canmore. Although not a high elevation in terms of traditional altitude training, coming from sea level and living in this small mountain town has meant some big changes for newcomer athletes... [
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