LatestNews Archive - August, 2003

XC Ottawa Logo - Main Page Sunday, August 31 Season Of David Part XVIII- Training Camp and Fall Training - By: David Zylberberg
Earlier this summer, the Ottawa-Gatineau NADC, of which I am a member, organized two week-long training camps in Eastern Canada. I was not able to... [
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Small CCC Logo white with Transparent Thursday, August 28 Cross Country Canada Job Notice
The road to the Podium 2010 begins here! This is an opportunity to join a dynamic team that is totally committed to achieving international excellence – fulfilling dreams, creating heroes... [
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Wednesday, August 27 Calgary to Golden on a Bike - By: Magi Scallion
The question that everybody asked before we started was “Why? Why are you riding from Calgary to Golden?” I had a multitude of answers to this question... [
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XC Ottawa Logo - Main Page Wednesday, August 27 Season of David Part XVII- Passion and Fearlessness - By: David Zylberberg
This Monday the Sudbury Star (circulation ~10,000) is running an article that takes up 1/3 of the front page of the sports section... [
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Sunday, August 24 University of Maine Cross Country Ski Coach/Lecturer Position
The University of Maine at Presque Isle announces a 3-year fixed-length academic year appointment for a Cross-Country Ski Coaching/Lecturer position... [
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Friday, August 22 Want to Ride from Calgary, AB to Golden, BC?
I am going to be riding my road bike from Calgary, AB to Golden, BC (approximately 300 km) on Sunday, August 24... [
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XC Ottawa Logo - Main Page Thursday, August 14 Season of David Part XVI: Beaton Classic and the Mystique of 50km - By: David Zylberberg
This week has been an eventful week and I have some interesting comments about skiing's greatest race so prepare yourselves. When I wrote last week's... [
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inadequate ankle range of motion Monday, August 11 The Ankle Joint – Pivotal for Success - By: Ross McKinnon, PT
As previously discussed on ankle flexibility and strength are critical to achieve a forward body position in both skating and classic... [
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XC Ottawa Logo - Main Page Friday, August 8 Season of David Part XV- End of the Summer - By: David Zylberberg
Summer is approaching its end. Summer is generally a time for high volume, low intensity training and a lot of it... [
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Devon Kershaw Thursday, August 7 The Adventures of a Sketchy Character: Curse of the Uphill Time Trial - By: Devon Kershaw
The Curse of the Uphill Time Trial. It sounds scary doesn’t it? Well, it is. For three seasons, since moving out to beautiful Canmore, AB I have had... [
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Friday, August 1 Support NTDC Canmore at Zesto's
With the coupon below you can get a Zesto's Ovenbaked Sub or California Style Wrap and a regular drink for only $5.50 in Canmore, and $1.00 from your purchase will go to... [
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XC Ottawa Logo - Main Page Friday, August 1 SOD Part XIV: Thoughts on Structuring Life and Training - By: David Zylberberg
Some weeks I have great adventures to share in this column. Some weeks I have new insights into skiing fast that I have... [
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