LatestNews Archive - July, 2003

x-ccom.gif Thursday, July 31 Phil's XC Journal: Raid The North Adventure Race - By: Phil Villeneuve
The Racing Team is moving forward.  Our ski team is getting results, evolving into a better marketing tool every year, and our... [
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Thursday, July 31 CBC to air Beckie Scott feature on August 2nd
Beckie Scott will be featured on CBC's "Women Warriors", Saturday, August 2nd at 12pm Eastern Time... [
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Chris Jeffires Omega Wave Monday, July 28 Photo of the Week
Chris Jeffries gets setup for the Omega wave test in Canmore. The Omega Wave test is used to accurately predict... [
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XC Ottawa Logo - Main Page Friday, July 25 The Season of David, Part XIII - By: David Zylberberg
I liked racing Cross-Country Running in High School. I don't do many cross country races any more so I was hoping to do one... [
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XC Ottawa Logo - Main Page Thursday, July 17 Season of David, Part XII - My Busy Week, July 15th - By: David Zylberberg
This week I was fairly busy and have decided to document my week in order to give people a glimpse at my summer. Sport Canada... [
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Mike Cavalier doing Tai Chi in T-Bay Friday, July 11 Picture of the Week: Tai Chi Mike
A little Tai Chi is good for the soul... [
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Maryke Ciaramidaro Monday, July 7 Maryke Ciaramidaro gives up on Canada
Maryke Ciaramidaro is not anti-Canadian. She's anti-Canadian sports establishment. She's tired of being told to do more by the same people who reduce what... [
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XC Ottawa Logo - Main Page Saturday, July 5 XC Ottawa - SOD, Part X - Importance of Fast Skis - By: David Zylberberg
This year I decided to spend the months of May-August with my parents in Sudbury because of work and a desire for some variety. As a result, my articles during... [
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Sarah Peters Headshot Friday, July 4 South of the Border - By: Sarah Peters
Canada Day came and went this year without so much as a sparkler! It was as if no one knew to celebrate. In fact it's true, Americans... [
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XC Ottawa Logo - Main Page Thursday, July 3 XC Ottawa - Vancouver-Whistler 2010 - By: Tom McCarthy
Tom appeared on CBC this morning for an athletes perspective of the up coming games. Here are his thoughts and insights...... [
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2010 Vancouver Logo Wednesday, July 2 Vancouver to host 2010 Winter Olympics!
Vancouver has been selected to host the 21st Winter Olympic Games in 2010. The International Olympic Committee announced the British Columbia cities win... [
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Tuesday, July 1 Remembering Brian Scallion (March 27, 1951-June 17, 2003) - By: Chris Algar
Tuesday June 17, 2003, was a sad day for cross country skiing in Nova Scotia. Bryan William Scallion from Wentworth Station N.S, died at the age of 52... [
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Robin McKeever Tuesday, July 1 Foothills Announces New Head Coach
Foothills Nordic Ski Club is pleased to announce the appointment of Robin McKeever as the club’s Head Coach. Robin is a two time Olympian, multiple Canadian... [
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