LatestNews Archive - April, 2003

Tuesday, April 29 Canada Points List Errors Create Doubt - Update
UPDATE: CCC has announced that the fact that the Canada Games Sprint was counted in the regular year end points list did not have... [
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XC Ottawa Logo - Main Page Tuesday, April 29 XC Ottawa - "Season of David", Part I - By: David Zylberberg
The following is the first in a series of weekly articles by the "infamous" David Zylberberg, one of the original members of XC Ottawa. He is the writer of numerous amusing and sometimes controversial articles which have been the subject of much discussion within the Canadian cross-country racing community over the last 8 months.... [
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GASTROC STRETCHES Monday, April 28 Muscle Lengthening Exercises (Part 3 of 6) - By: Ross McKinnon, PT
Each muscle lengthening exercise should be performed 3x30 seconds twice daily. Each stretch should be held to the point of minimal to moderate tension ... [
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Sunday, April 27 Sara Renner Married
Congratulations to Sara Renner and Thomas Grandi, who were married last Thursday at Mt. Assiniboine Lodge near... [
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Monday, April 14 Norwegian Retired List Grows
The Norwegian program will lose many of it's top stars heading into next season. Joining Bente Skari and Thomas Alsgaard on the retired list will be sprint specialist... [
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Trond Nystad Sunday, April 13 Trond Nystad Interview
Trond Nystad has enjoyed huge success with the American cross-country ski team this season. Nystad shared these thoughts with [
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doping_syringe.jpg Saturday, April 12 Kaisa Varis Gets 2-year Ban
It has been announced that Kaisa Varis, caught using EPO during the 2003 World Championships in Val di Fiemme, Italy, will recieve a two year bad from the Finnish... [
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x-ccom.gif Friday, April 11 Now Accepting Applications
The Racing Team is now accepting applications for the 2003-04 racing season... [
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Technical Image Wednesday, April 9 Are you stable? (Part 2 of 6) - By: Ross McKinnon, PT
Traditional strengthening and core strength programs focus on the mover/power muscles. However it is critical that the stability muscle system must first be functioning properly for optimal... [
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Devon Kershaw sprinting at the 2002 spring series Monday, April 7 Kershaw and Grey Take Michigan Sprint Relay
Canadian National Ski team members George Grey and Devon Kershaw put on a dominant performance to win the men's 2x5x1km classic sprint relay at the mid-western... [
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Brian McKeever 2002 World Disabled Champs Monday, April 7 McKeever Continues Winning
Canadian Brian McKeever continued to dominate the Disabled World Cup scene in Beitohallen, Norway... [
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Thursday, April 3 Zimmerman, Veum Take Spring Series Mass Start Skate Races
Norwegian Anja Veum finally broke through Rebecca Dussault's spring series domination today, winning the women's 10km mass start skate... [
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Technical Image Wednesday, April 2 How Long Can You Go? Forward That Is (Part 1 of 6) - By: Ross McKinnon, PT
This article will review and expand upon material previously published on the website last summer and fall. Fast and efficient ski technique requires dynamic flexibility... [
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Devon Kershaw on Podium of Alberta Cup Wednesday, April 2 Kershaw, Dussault Win Spring Series Sprints
Canadian National Team skier Devon Kershaw showed that his win at the Maine spring series last weekend was no fluke as he powered to first in the sprint... [
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