LatestNews Archive - August, 2001

Thursday, August 30 National Coaching Institute - Calgary
"The NCI-Calgary's mission is to develop world-class professional coaches who are capable of preparing athletes for podium performances in sport, and for life outside of sport," states Mary Ann Reeves, Director of the NCI-Calgary... [
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Tuesday, August 28 US National Development Group Info - By: Miles Minson
The Cross Country National Development Group is designed to assist young developing athletes to reach their goals of international excellence. We address the issues that relate to skiing development while trying to enhance a lifestyle for the future through educational and vocational opportunities... [
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Tuesday, August 28 3000m Running and Roller Ski Time Trial Results
Today was testing day for the Canadian National Senior Development Team in Canmore. The team does a 3000m run on the Canmore track in the morning followed by an uphill skate roller ski race in the afternoon... [
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Sunday, August 26 NSDT Update: Welcome to Senior - By: Drew Goldsack
Well, it's official, I have finally joined everyone else on the team as a full blown senior. This week (on August 23) I turned twenty and with that I left any lingering piece of junior status that I had behind. A word of advice to all the junior skiers out there - enjoy it... [
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Saturday, August 25 Phil's XC Journal #6 - By: Phil Villeneuve
Hi Everyone, here's my journal entry's forecast: Hot with 95% chance of getting the pasties! What's going on here? Is that a giraffe I just saw chewing on the poplar in my front yard? Are those dark spots... [
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Friday, August 24 Strength Training Aids - By: Mike Cavaliere
When most people think of strength bulky muscles usually come to mind - the type of muscles that lack the suppleness needed to be a graceful cross-country skier. We visualize how a big strong guy like Arnie would climb some of the grinds we are exposed to, and then quickly dismiss... [
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Friday, August 24 Thunder Bay Training Camp - By: Jonne Kahkonen
Target groups; Training Centres, US Regional Teams, Provincial Teams, Local Clubs Accommodation; athletes out of town can stay at Lappe Ski Centre (sleeping bags) or at an athletes house in town (at least a few of them) Food; everybody is expected to take care of their ... [
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Monday, August 20 NSDT Update: Summer Training - By: Shane Stevens
In Canmore, the Development Centre and National Team athletes are quickly nearing the end of the summer training period, and before we all know it, we'll be on snow and starting another race season... [
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Saturday, August 18 Nakiska Five Peaks Running race
Canadian skiers featured heavily in today's mountain running race at Nakiska alpine ski area in Kanaskis country... [
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Wednesday, August 15 Phil's XC Journal #5 - By: Phil Villeneuve
Hi Everyone, Watching TV isn't something I do on a regular basis (mostly because of the poor reception I get) but once in a while I'll plop myself on the couch to watch the 'tube' and relax after a hard day of training. During the past month, Le Tour de France, the World Track and Field Championships... [
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Wednesday, August 15 Magic Bullets? - By: Mike Cavaliere
Recently I have felt compelled to write about all the "magic bullets" that exist and how they can help athletes improve their performances by 20-30%. If it sounds too good to be true, it is... [
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Friday, August 10 NSDT Update - Jasper Camp - By: Tasha Betcherman
Upon our departure from Jasper early this morning, we completed our final workout and made the scenic drive back to Canmore. I had a few hours to reflect on my experiences and the experiences of others during this training camp in one of the most scenic and breathtaking settings I've ever had the opportunity to train in... [
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Wednesday, August 8 Phil's XC Journal #4 - By: Phil Villeneuve
Hi Everyone, I'm racing today and I can't wait! The 2nd annual Canmore Challenge x-c running race (on the ski trails of the Canmore Nordic Centre) is the focus of my attention on this awesome August morning. I've got 2.5 hours left until the start and I thought I'd go through some of my pre-race rituals... [
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Monday, August 6 NSDT Update: 24-hour Athlete - By: Gord Jewett
Most ski racers have heard the term "24-hour athlete" at some point, and most coaches like to preach about it. This mythical athlete we refer to is the person who is always making sacrifices for sport, putting athletics first and foremost in their life 24 hours a day and 365 days a year... [
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Saturday, August 4 Rossland Time Trial Results
Results from an 8.5km skate time trial at 7-mile dam in Rossland, BC... [
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Thursday, August 2 Rusko Heart Rate Monitoring Test - By: Mike Cavaliere
This is a very simple heart rate monitoring test that is currently in use with many athletes around the globe. A detailed method appears below, but essentially all you have to do is lie quietly in a comfortable position for... [
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