LatestNews Archive - November, 2002

David Chamberlain Saturday, November 30 Randall, Chamberlain take West Yellowstone Sprints
Kikkan Randall made a strong move in the final meters of today's Continental Cup sprint race in Yellowstone, Montana to win by a ski length over a fading... [
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Saturday, November 30 Skari Wins World Cup Classic, Scott 14th
Norwegian Olympic Gold Medallist Bente Skari proved she is still the reigning classical cross-country ski specialist... [
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Saturday, November 30 Rotchev Wins 15km Classic World Cup
Russia’s Vassili Rotchev was the surprise victor in the men’s 15k cross-country classic in Kuusamo Today... [
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Saturday, November 30 Gaiasova and Villeneuve win Sovereign Lake Canada Cup
Today was the first day of competition at the Sovereign Lake Canada Cup Race...... [
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Friday, November 29 Lazutina and Danilova Appeals Dismissed by CAS
The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) has dismissed the appeals filed by the Russian cross-country skiers Larissa Lazutina and Olga Danilova... [
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Wendy Wagner Friday, November 29 Justin Freeman and Wendy Wagner Win Yellowstone Classic Races
Justin Freeman narrowly edged his brother Kris, by only one second, to win his first continental cup race of the year today, a 10km classic race in West Yellowstone... [
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XC Ottawa Logo - Main Page Thursday, November 28 XC Ottawa: Foret Montmorency Training Camp Report - By: Skeets Morel
The camp was held between Nov.7 to Nov.17 at Foret Montmorency, about an hour north of Quebec city. When we first got there, their was plenty of snow to go around.... [
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Wednesday, November 27 NSDT Update: Chasing snow - By: Mike Cavaliere
Every fall nordic skiers look for something white to slide on. I can say for certain that our search this year has been a successful one as we... [
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XC Ottawa Logo - Main Page Tuesday, November 26 XC Ottawa Time Trial Results - By: Craig Storey
Time trial results for XC Ottawa, NADC Ottawa-Gatineau and Carleton University. ... [
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Charles Nadeau in Sunny Val di Fiemme Tuesday, November 26 NSDT Update: Some reflections from the airport… - By: Charles Nadeau
To be a high level athlete in North America involves many challenges such as the joy of travelling. Throughout a racing season, you will eventually... [
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Beckie Scott at the Silver Star, BC sprints in 2000 Saturday, November 23 Beckie Scott 4th in Kiruna World Cup
National Cross Country ski team member Beckie Scott skied a blistering fast 5km skate race at the second World Cup competition of the year in Kiruna, Sweden this morning, placing her in fourth place and a mere 1.9 seconds from first. ...... [
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Saturday, November 23 Silver Start Time Trial Results
Results from Saturdays Silver Start time trial with the Canadian NST,, and some US NST and other participating racers.... [
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Dasha Gaiazov Friday, November 22 The makings of a great Canadian - By: Sara Renner
A relay team is comprised of four women. As perfect as the 2002 Olympics were, there was something missing. ... [
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XC Zone Tuesday, November 19 XC ZONE-Searching for the Ultimate Ride… - By: Karl Saidla
XC ZONE the producers of the revolutionary x-country action flick High Velocity, are making a unique contribution to our sport, particularly in North America, where it has become imperative that we evolve nordic skiing from its the image of knicker-wearing, granola eating... [
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Marcel Theriault received the sport NB athlete of the year award for Milaine Theriault Monday, November 18 Milaine Theriault Named Sport New Brunswick Athlete of the Year
Milaine Theriault of St. Quentin, New Brunswick, was awarded the Female Athlete of Year Award at the Annual Compass Sports Award Banquet held... [
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Saturday, November 16 Finland to Prevent Dopers from Racing at the 2003 World Championships
Finland has decided that only Virpi Kuitunen, the women’s cross-country pursuit world champion in 2001, will be able to enter the 2003 world... [
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Thursday, November 14 The Adventures of a Sketchy Character - Vol.1, No.2 - By: Devon Kershaw
Here we go again! I can’t believe that I am actually going to attempt to write a weekly little column. Yes, it’s useless but I hope it will be entertaining... [
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Shayla Swanson Boarder Monday, November 11 NSDT Update: A Fine Balance - By: Shayla Swanson
I have been trying to think of a stimulating topic for this article, not just the usual update. However, I have noticed that all the articles in the recent past... [
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Sunday, November 10 Freeman, Peterson top Continental Cup Sprints
The Continental Cup series continued today with sprint racing in Fairbanks, Alaska. The races were held on the West... [
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Beckie Scott 2001 Asiago World Cup Saturday, November 9 Scott, Swenson take Continental Cup Opener
Canadian Beckie Scott showed her strong early season form today, dominating the women's 10km skate race at the Continental Cup opener in... [
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Sara Renner in an interview before the 2002 Olympics Friday, November 8 Fairbanks Road Report - By: Sara Renner
Birds fly south in fall and Cross Country skiers head north. Every November, a snow searching pilgrimage ... [
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XC Ottawa Logo - Main Page Thursday, November 7 XC Ottawa: Getting Beyond Fear - By: David Zylberberg
I recently read a very good article on this site, in which Shane Stevens discussed a new outlook on training and the attention to detail of great champions... [
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Devon Kershaw sprinting at the 2002 spring series Wednesday, November 6 The Adventures of a Sketchy Character – Vol. 1, No. 1 - By: Devon Kershaw
Five ten, naturally dirty blond (although now blue), perpetually white (except for the ever sexy farmer’s tan in the summer) and a kid so full of energy he gives... [
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Wednesday, November 6 US Ski Team back on snow in Fairbanks, Alaska
U.S. cross country racers could use a little more snow to help local organizers open more terrain at Birch Hill Recreation Area, Coach Trond Nystad said... [
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Tuesday, November 5 Increased action against dopers
Several weeks ago the Norwegian press reported that leading equipment suppliers were to boycott cross-country skiers who had been involved with doping... [
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Tuesday, November 5 Dave Wood Receives 3M Coaching Award
Dave Wood, the coach of the Senior National Cross Country Ski Team, is the recipient of this year’s 3M Coaching Canada Award, announced... [
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Saturday, November 2 Court of Arbitration for Sport to Hear Lazutina and Danilova Cases Next Week
The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) will hear the cases of Lazutina vs IOC, Danilova vs IOC, Lazutina vs FIS and Danilova vs FIS on November... [
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