LatestNews Archive - October, 2002

Cerax Logo Thursday, October 31 CERAX NANOWAX - SKIWAX OF THE FUTURE - By: Matthias Ahrens
CERAX NANOWAX is one of the World’s first products made using chemical nanotechnology, which creates intelligent surface coatings with multifunctional properties... [
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XC Ottawa Logo - Main Page Thursday, October 31 XC Ottawa: Staying Fresh - By: Chad Yurich
How do racers keep feeling fresh for a whole season of dryland training? Obviously ... but what happens when despite following all of the above measures something about the daily training or racing routine feels flat or off?... [
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Erik Carleton skiin on the Haig glacier Wednesday, October 30 NSDT Update: What will we do without snow? - By: Erik Carleton
The fall here in Canmore has seemed quite warm, although it could be just the bias of a cross country skier who wants snow. Lately, though... [
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Marit Bjoergen Monday, October 28 Scandinavians Dominate First World Cup
Norwegian youngster Marit Bjoergen, traditionally a classic skier and a member of the silver medal realy team at the 2002 Olympic, was the surprise winner of Saturday’s women’s skate sprint in Dusseldorf, Germany.... [
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Saturday, October 26 Breaking the 24-hour Athlete Myth - By: Sara Renner
I started training for ski racing when I was fourteen. Staying in the stadium and doing the chicken dance on skis didn’t interest me. ... [
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XC Zone Thursday, October 24 Available Now - Beckie Scott video from XC Zone!! - By: Dave McMahon
XC Zone has just put out a CD-ROM on behalf of Beckie Scott. It contains 17 quicktime mpg4 movies, 100 photos and 80 pages of text that give the reader good insight into life on the circuit. 100% of sales go to Beckie.... [
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Rundle Mountain on an early October morning. Sunday, October 20 Update: Winter Is Just Around The Corner - By: Rhonda Sandau
Although the calendars are now turned to October, and the local radio hosts have insisted that summer has been officially over for almost a month, I have noticed several... [
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Dave Nighbor Friday, October 18 National Junior Team Update: DJ’s Thoughts on Technique? - By: David Nighbor
So I packed my knapsack full of weekend essentials and went to a University sport center (name remains confidential) to have scientists... [
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Shane Stevens smiles while driving a bike-car on the island of Lido in Venice. Wednesday, October 16 NSDT Update: Searching for Seconds - By: Shane Stevens
What makes the Europeans better skiers than Canadians? What are skiers like Beckie Scott and Sara Renner, as well as some of the American men, doing to successfully... [
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x-ccom.gif Monday, October 14 Update: Fall training hints if you happen to be 'Married with Children' - By: Werner Schwar
Hello everyone.  Welcome to October.  That month I have always found the hardest.  The daylight hours get shorter everyday, and you wait with... [
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Sara Renner in an interview before the 2002 Olympics Friday, October 11 Where is our Golden Girl? - By: Sara Renner
Exactly a year ago we were running on the ski trails at Soldier Hollow preparing and dreaming about the upcoming Olympics... [
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Monday, October 7 Cross Country Ski Specific Core Strength and Stability Program (Part 4 of 4) - By: Ross McKinnon
These exercises should be performed with breathing into the rib cage not stomach. A breath out should be performed with the leg lowering and a breath in with leg raising... [
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XC Ottawa Logo - Main Page Sunday, October 6 XC Ottawa: Figure Skating with Don Jackson - By: Tom McCarthy
XC Ottawa is becoming pretty notorious for its scooter training methods. We love the discussion it generates and we welcome anyone who is interested to come out to... [
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Thursday, October 3 Canmore Trail Running Race Results
Results from the Wednesday night trail running race at the Canmore Nordic Centre... [
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Timo Puiras Thursday, October 3 Team Update: Timo's World - By: Timo Puiras
So what have I been doing all summer? (Why anyone would care is beyond me, but apparently there might be an audience for this kind of thing). There are three main activities that are essential... [
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tashabetcherman_head.jpg Wednesday, October 2 NSDT Update: Fortress Camp - By: Tasha Betcherman
Last Monday marked the beginning of a two week training camp for the athletes of the Quebec and Canmore training centers... [
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Wednesday, October 2 Lappe Nordic Sawdust Run Results
On Sept 28th, Lappe Nordic hosted it's annual Sawdust Run. The race is held at Lappe Nordic Center in Thunder Bay.... [
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