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Monday, September 30 Cross Country Ski Specific Core Strength and Stability Program: Assessment (Part 3 of 4) - By: Ross McKinnon, PT
The athlete sits at the edge of a table holding onto both knees. The athlete rolls onto their back keeping the knees bent. With the thoracic spine and pelvis on the table the athlete pulls... [
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XC Zone Thursday, September 26 OXYGEN FED SPORT FILMMAKING by - By: Dave McMahon
"Unlimited" is the next movie by xczone currently in production and scheduled for release by Xmas 2003, on a double DVD set packed with motivational and technical content. It will be our most ambitious project to date; trekking where no one has gone before. It is shot on Location in Bend Oregon, Vancouver Island, Gatineau Park, Lake Placid, and Austria. ... [
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XC Ottawa Logo - Main Page Wednesday, September 25 Legends of the Fall: Magnussen, Mieto, Jernberg, Svan and Dezolt - By: Karl Saidla
I guess that my luck lately is not going to inspire me to pop over to the Hull Casino in the hopes of turning the 20 dollars in my wallet into a couple of grand. On Thursday, I became the first XC Ottawa member to injure him/herself on a ....... [
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Monday, September 23 Cross Country Ski Specific Core Strength Training (Part 2 of 4) - By: Ross McKinnon
It is not appropriate to eliminate the hip flexors or TFL in trying to isolate the abdominal muscles. There is no biomechanical basis for the isolation of rectus abdominus... [
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Sunday, September 22 Western Canadian Roller Ski Championship Results
Results from the mass start duathlon format Western Canadian Roller Ski Championships in Canmore, Alberta... [
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Saturday, September 21 Phil's XC Journal: Nightmare on Seegrube - By: Phil Villeneuve
It’s easy to feel on top of the world when your sitting back comfortably at 35,000 feet!  No training, no work, sit back and relax…then again, with 8 hours left to fly to my destination, I knew... [
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Wednesday, September 18 Maine Nordic Heritage Center to Host Major Events
The Nordic Heritage Center will host two major events on the North American Cross Country Ski calendar this winter... [
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Monday, September 16 Cross Country Ski Specific Core Strength And Stability Program (Part 1 of 4) - By: Ross McKinnon, PT
There has been much attention to the idea of ‘core strength’ in all sports in the past few years. Pete Saar in 1997 outlined a core strength program for cross country skiers. This article will outline a comprehensive ski specific core stability and strength program based on the latest research and understanding... [
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Sara Renner in an interview before the 2002 Olympics Friday, September 13 Tourist Attraction - By: Sara Renner
Road hazard ahead. A herd of elk has been discovered by an equally large herd of tourists. An educational guide with precautionary tips for avoiding an antler shishkabob during rutting... [
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Dan Roycrofy and Tasha Betcherman at their wedding, 2002 Tuesday, September 10 Dan Roycroft and Tasha Betcherman Wedding Pictures
Photos from the wedding of Dan Roycroft and Tasha Betcherman... [
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Sarah Peters playing the role of tourist in front of the Sydney Opera House Tuesday, September 10 Aussie Report: Cheers - By: Sarah Peters
I am back in Ottawa after a bit of a detour on the way home. It got up to 34 degrees today and all I could do is wonder why I am here. I mean I could still be skiing - real Aussie spring... [
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The BC Team takes a dip in an icy pool at the Haig glacier, 2002 Sunday, September 8 Photo of the Week
Do you have a submission for Photo of the Week? Please email pictures to at ... [
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Cameron Egan glacier skiing on the Smither glacier Friday, September 6 Hudson Bay Glacier Photo Journal
Images from the BC team camp on the Hudson Bay Glacier in Smithers, BC... [
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Friday, September 6 Ottawa-Gatineau National Athlete Development Centre Recruiting Athletes - By: Craig Storey
On August 28, Cross Country Canada accepted the proposal to establish a National Athlete Development Centre (NADC) for cross-country skiing in the Ottawa-Gatineau area. ... [
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Thursday, September 5 Australian Hoppet Loppet
The 12th annual Kangaroo Hoppet was held today at Falls Creek in North-East Victoria. Twenty-nine year old Stanislav Rezac from the Czech Republic... [
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Sara Peters on the Hoppet podium with Belinda Phillips and the Victorian Minister of Sport, 2002 Thursday, September 5 Aussie Report: Hoppet Week - By: Sarah Peters
There are three things that hooked me to racing. The first obviously is my love for cross country skiing. The second and third are a tad more peculiar. These are the challenge of racing... [
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tarawhitten_head.jpg Wednesday, September 4 NSDT Update: How Do You Feel Today? - By: Tara Whitten
When I awoke this morning I automatically reached over, turned on my lamp, and strapped on my heart rate monitor to do a rusko test... [
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