LatestNews Archive - June, 2002

Small CCC Logo white with Transparent Wednesday, June 26 CCC Job Opportunity
Cross Country Canada (CCC) is the National Sport Governing Body for the sport of cross-country skiing in Canada. Building on the unprecedented success of its skiers at the Salt Lake City Olympics/Paralympics... [
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Shane Stevens smiles while driving a bike-car on the island of Lido in Venice. Tuesday, June 25 NTDC Update: Two Days of Testing - By: Shane Stevens
Summer training is back in full swing, and everyone has their roller skis and running shoes out of the garage for another year of dry land training.  For the most part, the NTDC team training sessions have... [
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Gordon Jewett roller skis through the barricades in Kananaskis Country during the G8. Tuesday, June 25 Picture of the Week
Do you have a submission for Photo of the Week? Please email pictures to at ... [
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Map of Canada Monday, June 24 Ross Brothers Plan to Rollerski Across Canada
Two brothers from Camrose, Alberta will be rolling through Lloydminister on Monday as they rollerski the 6,245 kilometers from Edmonton to St. John's, Newfoundland in an effort to thank Canada's unsung heroes... [
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Canada Games Logo Sunday, June 23 2007 Canada Games Go to the Yukon
Whitehorse, YK - The Canada Games will be hosted by a territory for the first time in Games history. Today the City of Whitehorse received, from the federal government, the additional $20 million capital... [
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Phil Villeneuve - Silver Star 2001 Saturday, June 22 Phil’s XC Journal: 4 Double Espressos...To Go! - By: Phil Villeneuve
I’m back for another season of writing, training and of course my! In order to give you a break from my endless mass email jabbering and give myself a chance to recover mentally from all the strain... [
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Amanda Fortier Headshot Friday, June 21 Farewell to the Fortiers - By: Sara Renner
After an Olympic year athletes retire. My dad once asked me when I was going to “stop skiing around in circles”. In the very practical sense, I guess this is what we do. My response was I would stop as... [
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fis.gif Thursday, June 20 European Whining to get U23 Championships Moved
Although not yet listed on the FIS calendar, the inaugural World Under 23 Championships, scheduled for early February in Soldier Hollow, have reportedly been moved to Bormio, Italy. The races will apparently... [
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Various Nutritional Supplements Wednesday, June 19 IOC Study Reveals Frightening Trend in Nutritional Supplements
Based on the results of a study of 634 nutritional supplements released on April 4th, the Medical Commission of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has reissued its warning to athletes against... [
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Bonze medal in the one-day pursuit at the 2002 Olympics Monday, June 17 Beckie Scott Popular in Ottawa
Beckie Scott was on a whirl-wind tour of Ottawa this past weekend, where she gave a training seminar to over 70 junior racers, participated in a fun and games workout with 50 Jackrabbits, and hosted a dinner with... [
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Gord doing Physio Saturday, June 15 Gord's Ski Newsletter, Vol.5,No.1: Time - By: Gord Jewett
Athletes always need to be aware of time. It has a way of tricking us. You can often hear skiers being tricked by time: “The Olympics is still four years away!”, “I have lots of time, skiers don’t reach their peaks... [
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Altitude Chamber with Girl Wednesday, June 12 Dispelling Some Altitude and Training Myths - By: Dr. Donald Christie Jr.
At first blush, living and training at altitude seems the ideal way to "naturally" acquire the extra oxygen-carrying red blood cell capacity needed to compensate for competing at altitude (our predicament at Soldier Hollow, as we had discovered... [
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Women's team at SLC Tuesday, June 11 Reception for Olympic Stars
On June 12, the Nordic Advocates Guild will be hosting a reception to honour Canada's outstanding Olympic athletes. This reception will be held at the Glencoe Club (Ballroom) on Wednesday June 12, 2002 from 4 to 6 pm.... [
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tashabetcherman_head.jpg Monday, June 10 NSDT Update: The Testing's The Thing - By: Tasha Betcherman
The time has come to test our strength, endurance, speed and power. With the summer training well underway many athletes will begin... [
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fis.gif Saturday, June 8 Changes from FIS
There have been some significant changes coming out of the FIS conference over the past week. The most noticable diference is the death of the pursuit. The pursuit format will be replaced with the duathlon... [
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Colette Bourgonje Head Shot Friday, June 7 Bourgonje, Wirz, and Whiting recognized in Saskatchewan
Colette Bourgonje, Kaspar Wirz, and Jeff Whiting were recognized on Monday by the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan. Attending the ceremony were 20 Saskatchewan memebers of the 2002 Salt Lake... [
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Beckie Scott Craft Headshot Tuesday, June 4 Beckie Scott to Speak in Ottawa
Canada's only Olympic cross-country medallist, Beckie Scott, will be Ottawa in middle of June and will be the guest speaker at a dinner and silent auction in support of the proposed National Team... [
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larissalazutina_win.jpg Tuesday, June 4 Lazutina, Muehlegg and Danilova Given 2 Year Bans
Larissa Lazutina, who was stripped of her 30km Olympic gold medal testing positive for darbepoietin, was suspended for two years Monday by the International Ski Federation (FIS). The suspension is also... [
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US Ski Team Logo Monday, June 3 Grover, Vordenberg Named US Coaches
PARK CITY, UT – Chris Grover is the new development coach for cross country skiing and Finnish native Riku Ayri the new World Cup coach for jumping while two-time Olympian Dave Jarrett has been selected... [
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Devon Kershaw Headshot Sunday, June 2 NSDT Update: Camps and Fines - By: Devon Kershaw
Well, it's May 29th and my team update was due on May 27th. What does that mean for Devon? It means that I owe my team $100 for my tardiness. It's the new rule and it is chum, chum big time... [
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Altitude Tent with Bed Saturday, June 1 Hypoxic Training System for Sale
Used Hypoxic Training System for sale by owner... [
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US Ski Team Logo Saturday, June 1 US Ski Teams Announced
PARK CITY, Utah - Fourteen nordic athletes, including 13 members of the 2002 Olympic Team in Salt Lake City, have been named to the 2003 U.S. Ski Team, Nordic Director Luke Bodensteiner said Friday... [
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